Our Team

What we believe

Creating value for our clients

At Landmark we always strive to enable our clients to become high performance businesses and build long lasting relationships by consistently delivering value.

Hiring only best workforce

At Landmark we ensure to employ only highly skilled and qualified workforce so that they give the best solutions to all the needs of the clients, this we do by nurturing a collaborative and supportive environment to them.

Work Ethics and Integrity

At Landmark we believe in work ethics, work etiquette and integrity which are quintessential for maintaining strict discipline in our organization.


To make Landmark a front runner in the niche of advertising and service the best clients in the industry.

To increase the portfolio of the company by adding new innovative services related to advertising.


Shyam Milestone

Mr Shyam Milestone is the founder and CEO OF M/s Landmark Advertising which is today one of the top advertising agencies pan India wide with an increasing client list. Landmark Advertising today has its strong presence in Multiplex advertising, Outdoor advertising, TV / Radio Advertising, Airport Advertising and Metro advertising.

Mr Milestone pursued his Diploma in Film Technology (D.F.Tech) in the year 2006 at the prestigious Ray Film & Television Institute, Chennai, India. Upon completion of the film course, Mr Milestone tried his hand at film making and he started off his film career as the First AD for a noted Hindi film involving popular star cast from Bollywood for a short period of eight months. The next three years was a learning curve for Mr Milestone which was exponential. In the year 2009 Mr Milestone leveraged his film making ability and experience to direct his own one minute Telugu short film which later got handpicked and featured on the international platform for one minute short films (www.filminute.com). Following this, in the same year, Mr Milestone did a series of commercial ad films pan India wide, notable among these is the 30 seconds jewellery commercial film ad shot in Mumbai which went viral on YouTube at the time of its launch.

Mr Milestone’s entry into the world of Cinema advertising is quite intriguing, it all happened one day when one of his commercial ad film clients wanted his ad film to be promoted onscreen in Multiplex screens / Single screens in Hyderabad. Mr Miletsone realized the true potential and worth of Cinema advertising when he experimented it with his first client. This paved way for Mr Milestone to Incorporate Landmark Advertising in the year 2006.


Sudhakar Dasari

Mr Sudhakar Dasari is the Director of Landmark Advertising and is also own brother of Mr Milestone who is the founder and CEO of Landmark Advertising. Immediately after completion of his B.Tech in Electronics & Communications he started his first job as Marketing Executive in a small firm in Hyderabad. While working here Mr Sudhakar Dasari faced a lot of pressure from his upper management at his workplace and he contemplated of getting self-employed rather than work under somebody. Mr Milestone, CEO and founder of Landmark Advertising also had the same opinion about Mr Sudhakar Dasari Marketing role in an outside firm and one day he asked Mr Sudhakar Dasari to join Landmark as one of the directors rather than work under somebody. Mr Sudhakar Dasari could not resist the offer and he joined as Director of Landmark in the year 2014.

While working with Landmark, Mr Sudhakar Dasari learnt the art of giving good service to his client, this he achieved mainly by quoting lesser than his competitors and he used to increase the profitability of Landmark and he soon became an asset for Mr Milestone. Mr Milestone, brother of Mr Sudhakar Dasari always believed in perfection and Mr Sudhakar was always striving to achieve this by taking on the responsibility of daily sales and meeting monthly sales targets. Mr Sudhakar Dasari under the leadership of the CEO of Landmark serviced at least 200 clients since the time if his induction as Director of Landmark. Mr Sudhakar Dasari’s vision is to get as many accolades from his clients and position Landmark advertising as #1 Advertising agency and he wishes to accomplish this in a couple of years from now.